Friday, August 28, 2009

DF70: W3 MAED A P0DC@5T W1TH GAM3Z 1N IT!!!1

Another week and another episode of Distributed Failure is here for your listening displeasure. We're back with our longest episode yet!. This week's show features a heavy dose of new games we've played, some big gaming news, and a fiery Sausage Dump. Let's start things off like every other week and get right into "What We've Been Playing".

This week's "What We've Been Playing" features discussion of Shadow Complex, Wolfenstein, Lost Planet 2, Mini Ninjas, Madden 10, DiRT 2, I MADE A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1, and much more. We follow that up with some gaming news such as the big announcement of the "PS3 Slim" and the price cut to $299, the announcement of Fable III, and plenty more.

We end the show as always with the Sausage Dump and feature some heated discussion on a few new films that have recently been released. We disagree on District 9 (sad face), but thankfully we all agree that the G.I. Joe film is absolutely terrible! We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes.

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