Thursday, May 28, 2009

DF Episode 59: Sony hates Kush

This week we talk about Rob's UFC experience, inFAMOUS, Terminator Salvation, Bionic Commando, Wallace and Grommit, Saints Row 2 Monster Hunter 3, and the Friday Night 4 demo and many other games. However Sony sabotages Kush mic when he rants about greatest hits games. We then talk about the news, and movies, and Rob tells the horrifying story of how he almost got into a fist fight after Star Trek.

Download it here

Friday, May 22, 2009

DF Episode 58: Bionic Wheelman

This week we say good bye to an old friend... Gus is taking a hiatis from the show, and me and Kush soldier on. We talk about Infamous Demo, The Red Faction MP demo, Wheelman, Sacred 2, Peggle DS, Lode Runner, Valkyria Chronicles and Rob goes in depth with Bionic Commando.

All this, plus news, and the sausage dump.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Distributed Failure Episode 57: Canada eh!

This week we have a split show. Rob and Kush talk about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Left 4 Dead Survival mode, Soul Calibur 4, and the entire hour they played a rapid succession of games, including Multiplayer Game of the Year: Legendary. Rob talks about Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii. Then in the last bit Gus and Kush talk about Patapon 2, Netflix. Join us for the Failure.

Download episode 57 here

Friday, May 8, 2009

Distributed Failure Episode 56: Slot Seeds

This week we got a late start as well, Friday. But we don't skimp on the quality. We talk about Plants vs. Zombies, The Wolverine game and the movie, The newest Fallout 3 DLC. Learn why Gus is not playing Patapon 2 due to Distributing Failures :). Kush hates on Tomb Raider Underworld, and her killing of Blood thirsty evil tigers. Rob ends the show with his chick flick of the week on Netflix instant streaming. All this and more.

Download Episode 56 here