Friday, March 20, 2009

Distributed Failure Episode 49

A brand new episode of Distributed Failure is now up for your listening displeasure! This week's episode is a bit odd, but we do have an extra special guest that our longtime listeners may remember. That's right, the one, the only, the hero has returned for a special guest appearance. Still lost on who I'm talking about? It's Brukaoru, the little lady who showed us how great the word "bundle" could be.

This week's episode features some in depth discussion on Resident Evil 5 and GTA: Chinatown Wars, as well as our thoughts on MadWorld, Killzone 2 (after I finally beat the game), Suikoden, Hasbro Family Game Night (fuck you Scrabble), Tales of the Abyss, and even more on Street Fighter IV. We follow that up with some listener questions and then end the show with our latest "Question of the Week".

Download it here

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